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Gianni Ilardo and his Team:

Gianni Ilardo, born in 1953 starts his photographic career in 1973 and in 1977 he graduates in pharmacy. He divides his work between the studios of Milan and Varese (Italy), but for living he prefers the green and relaxing countryside. Since 1980 Associated AFIP (Professional Italian Photographers Association), he collaborates with the leading agencies and important multinational companies. Always keeping in mind the use of the requested images, he explores all the fields of adverising photography, from fashion to illustration, to still life and food.

To compose his images, he used sophisticated and modern digital technology and elaborates the produced images in an own, he has export and trustworthy collaboratore:
Federico Sgarbossa - photographic assistant
Federica Zani - post-poduction
Elena Lanzavecchia - admin and accounting.
That is why any image produced within the studio is fruit of a "Spirit of the Team".

And it is thanks to this philosophy, that Gianni feels photography closet o the idea so succinctly expressed by Man Ray, who in reply to an admirer's question: "Maestro, what camera do you use for our photographs?", said: "Madam, I don't use a camera, I use my brain."

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